Donald Trump vs Joe Biden on Colorado issues: Where the presidential candidates stand

A breakdown of where the candidates stand on health care, marijuana, education, public lands issues and other major policies





How would your administration address education problems facing Colorado, such as money for rural schools and low teacher pay?


The teacher protest movement that spread across the country starting in 2018 led to pay raises in some communities. But the profession as a whole remains in a state of crisis, with shortages so acute -- and pay so unattractive -- that some communities are recruiting teachers from foreign countries. In Colorado, many teachers work second jobs or live in travel trailers to make ends meet, and state lawmakers are focused on how to help boost the wages offered by local school boards. Federal help could be a boon in a state that has struggled to raise revenue for schools and has huge disparities from one district to the next.


Increase funding for some schools and work toward universal preschool

A: His education plan states he would triple funding for schools with low-income students and require districts to use the money to make educators’ pay more competitive. He also pledged to work with states to offer universal preschool education -- a top priority of Colorado’s governor -- but it’s not clear what help the federal government would provide.




Education policy centers on school choice

A: The president’s second term agenda includes two points in its education section: “provide school choice to every child in America” and “teach American exceptionalism.” During his first term, Trump pushed Congress to increase funding for programs that allow parents to send their kids to charter schools and private schools.



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