Donald Trump vs Joe Biden on Colorado issues: Where the presidential candidates stand

A breakdown of where the candidates stand on health care, marijuana, education, public lands issues and other major policies





Do you support abolishing the Electoral College in favor of the national popular vote?


The Electoral College picks U.S. presidents by awarding electors to the candidate who wins each state, rather than the one who wins the most votes nationwide. Colorado has been at the forefront of the debate in recent years, and home to the “faithless elector” movement in 2016, a case decided in the U.S. Supreme Court. Now the state’s voters will decide whether to join a national popular-vote movement in November.


Preserve the Electoral College

A: Biden didn’t respond to questions, but other reports show he is against the move to abolish the Electoral College.




Has been inconsistent on this issue

A: He has made a mixed bag of comments about the Electoral College. In 2012, he said in a tweet that the Electoral College is a “disaster for democracy.” In 2018, he said he supported switching to a national popular vote system. Last year, he switched his position and said the “Electoral College is far better for the U.S.A.”




Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold publicly sparred with Trump over mail voting when Trump suggested his supporters in North Carolina vote twice -- once by mail and once in person, which is illegal. Griwsold threatened to refer Trump for prosecution if double voting occurred in Colorado. The Centennial State is widely recognized as a leader in mail voting, a system it has had in place since 2013.


Urges people to vote by mail

A: He tweeted in August that “voting by mail is safe and secure.” Biden and Democrats have encouraged people to got to iwillvote.com, which includes information about voting by mail and connects them with state resources to request a mail ballot.




Baselessly discredits vote by mail

A: The president has waged a monthslong campaign to discredit mail voting across the country. Trump insists -- falsely -- that mail voting is prone to fraud, a claim for which there is no evidence.



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